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Welcome to Gettin' Reps!

Experience the thrill of swinging for the fences in our top-notch batting cages. Perfect your swing, host team practices, or celebrate a win. Hit home a home run today, book your slot now! Proudly serving Corona, California and the Inland Empire with passion and expertise in every swing. Let's play ball!

Convenient Access & Booking

Walk-ins are welcome, but priority is given to scheduled bookings. Plan your practice ahead for guaranteed cage availability. Save time by filling out our waiver online, expediting your entry.
Side view of batter getting ready to swing at Gettin' Reps.

Versatile Batting Cages

Our four batting cages offer a tailored training environment, where players of all levels can hone their skills effectively and comfortably. Choose from our 35-foot cage for precision training or three spacious 50-foot cages for power hitting.
Picture from corner of the facility with a view of all four batting cages.

Personalized Experience

Experience the freedom to adjust machine pitching speeds between low 30 mph to 75 mph or opt for hand-feeding and slow tossing. Our adjustable pitching machines and flexible feeding options cater to various skill levels, ensuring tailored practice sessions.
Close-up view of one of the adjustable pitching machines used at the facility.
Sunday: Closed
Monday - Friday: 3pm - 9pm
Saturday: 10am - 3pm